Let me start by saying "Communication is very important to me". In my opinion this is by far the biggest problem in the automotive industry.

My strongest skill as a Automotive Mechanic is my ability to communicate. I am a expert at quickly isolating the problem area over the phone. Trust me when I say, "This saves us both time and money". 

Please do not confuse isolating a problem area with a pin point diagnosis. As a journeyman level mechanic I do not speculate on vehicle diagnostics over the phone, I only isolate the problem area to save us both time and money.  

My company hours are 8am to 8pm Monday through Sunday. 

My cell phone number is 206-595-2260, this is the best and quickest way to contact me.

The phone numbers above forward into my cell phone immediately, these lines are for advertising purposes, feel free to call any number you want.

I have a hands free devise for my cell phone, it is safe to call me anytime!

If I do not answer your call I am either speaking with another customer or I am working on a vehicle and unable to stop at that point. Please leave a "brief" message and I will return your call within minutes.

I also receive text messages on my cell phone if you prefer this type of communication, I spend many hours each week behind the steering wheel it may take longer for me to get back with you.

My email address is info@davethemobilemechanic.com  this forwards to my office computer. I unfortunately do not return emails during the work day. All emails are returned from 6pm to 8pm daily.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Dave the Mobile Mechanic

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